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The Ocean Sciences

Chapter 7: Waves in the Ocean

Instruments for Studying and Prediction of Tsunamis
Accurate, reliable measurements of any phenomenon requires special equipment and sensors. This web site examines instruments and techniques for detecting tsunamis, and reviews some of the advances that have been made in the prediction of these potentially devastating waves.
Visit the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research web site
Ocean Waves
The most common sighting of oceanwaves are the surface, wind-generated types, although there are many other kinds that are not obvious or even visible to direct observation. This tutorial from the Office of Naval Research provides an overview of the characteristics and types of surface waves, winds, and tsunamis.
Visit the Ocean in Motion - Waves web site
The Megatsunami of December 26, 2004
This site provides updates on the recovery efforts and reports advances in the development of a Tsunami early warning system for the Indian Ocean.
Visit the UNESCO Indian Earthquake and Tsunami web site

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