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The Ocean Sciences

Chapter 3: The Origin of Ocean Basins

The San Andreas Fault
The state of California straddles a plate boundary, a complex fault zone called the San Andreas Fault. The first web site examines the feature as a regional geologic boundary, and summarizes what we have learned about the fault since the beginning of the century.
Visit the 1906 San Francisco Quake web site
The San Andreas Fault
The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program-Northern California website, describes the Parkfield experiment. Parkfield has a fairly regular occurrance of earthquakes, so it is an ideal place to measure fault activity before, during, and after earthqueakes. Part of the experiment involves drilling into the San Andreas fault and placing measurement intruments within. Lear more about Parkfield at this website.
Visit the The Parkfield Earthquake Experiment web site
The Red Sea as a Juvenile Ocean Basin
Asthe sea floor spreads from its center, the Red Sea is widening with time and will become larger and deeper as the basin matures. This web site reviews the essentials of the plate tectonic concept and includes helpful pictures and diagrams.
Visit the Plate Tectonics, The Cause of Earthquakes web site

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