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The Ocean Sciences

Chapter 11: The Dynamic Shoreline

Barrier Islands
After reading about the physical processes that erode and transport sand along the Texas section of the Gulf of Mexico coast, it might help you appreciate the area more by seeing some pictures of Padre island National Seashore, the topic of this web site.
Visit the Padre Island web site
Human Impacts on Barrier Islands
Without proper planning, it is possible to have grave, inadvertent effects on the landscape, and in the process destroy the very features that drew people there in the first place.
Visit the The Assateague Naturalist web site
Geological History of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, a favorite New England summer vacation spot, was formed by glaciers very recently in geologic time. Because of recent formation and because the shoreline changes as the sea rises, geologists are interested in Code Cod's evolution.
Visit the Geological History of Cape Cod, Massachusetts web site
Oregon Coast
Get a close up view of some of the Oregon coast's features.
Visit the Geological Field Trip web site
Katrina Drowns New Orleans
This NOAA site provides a synopsis of the conditions that produced historic Hurricane Katrina, as well as some information of rain and wind records and a very preliminary description of the major impacts.
Visit the Summary of Hurricane Katrina web site

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